Why it is wise to invest in UK real estate

According to the latest statistics, the United Kingdom houses the most liquid, prestigious and expensive real estate objects in the world. Also, the country itself is distinguished by an excellent level of education, modern, dynamically developing infrastructure and totally impressive shopping and entertainment facilities, cultural sites and attractions. The country attracts foreign capital and serves as a master place for outflow of money from all the corners of the globe: from Eastern Europe and Persian Gulf to South-Eastern. The financial heaven for large international businesses and favourable climate for virtually any business development – the shortage of options on real estate market is not accidental. So, what else you should know about the UK property opportunities? Continue reading “Why it is wise to invest in UK real estate”

Considering student property as an investment target from every angle

Student property in the UK is now considered to be one of the most profitable and promising investments. British universities are very popular among domestic and abroad students, so the studios and apartments for student audience are in steady demand and the price of entry into the market, compared with other types of real estate is not that large, and is basically accessible to many investors, a potential investor may even take advantage of mortgages. To evaluate the profitability of investments conducting a thorough analysis of its maintenance and acquisition costs is essential. Continue reading “Considering student property as an investment target from every angle”