Benefits of investing in REITs as Credit Suisse Recommends

The real estate investment trusts have gained popularity among the investors because of giving them dual benefits. The investors will be able to invest in the real estates and public stocks thereby earning dividends and have a diversified portfolio. Credit Suisse has also been urging people to look at the casino and other gambling-related REITs for greater benefits. Especially in the UK, since gambling laws allow the casino industry to flourish. Check out more legal information on the online casino industry at if you want to do your own research.

What are the benefits of investing in REIT?

  • Investment in tangible assets with audited financial reports
  • Regular income from rents
  • Easy management of the portfolio with the allocation of funds for purchasing stocks and assets at the same time
  • Ease of buying or selling of stocks and shares

These are just a few key benefits from which every REIT investor can benefit. However, there are even more benefits available.

  • Professional property management: Real Estate Investment Trusts allow investors to buy and manage commercial property that can range from hotels and stores to even casinos. The trusts have their own trained and experienced property managers. They do not simply acquire rents from the tenants or businesses on these properties alone. They also manage the smooth maintenance of the properties without causing even the slightest hassle to the investor.
  • Appreciation of income in the long term: Commercial property prices may fluctuate from time to time. However, just like any other investment, even this will only be a cause of worry for any short-time investor. A long-term REIT investor will not have to fret much. The property prices continue to appreciate with time and the demand for a location will help in raising the rents and returns on the property that investors have here.
  • Lower volatility than equity: Equity stocks are volatile, and this is something we all know. The investors at REIT will, however, get to see an overall smooth sail without much volatility in the market. The dividends on the property will go up with time. Unlike equity, which works in co-relation with bonds, the price of REIT will not face that impact with as much force.
  • More returns than stocks: Right from the nineties when the REIT’s began, they have been offering 90% of returns to the investors. It is far better than those investing in stocks or bonds.

Overall, as per the analysts, this is the best time to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts for making the most of the money in hand.